Pamela Love


Age: 22

Height: 5’2

Weight: 110 lbs

Bust: 36DD

Bi-Sexual: Yes

Kiss/Makout/GFE: Yes



"Beauty, Brains, And...Baaaaaaad!!!”


Surprise guys! How are all my boys doing today! My name is Pamela Love and yes....that really is me in my pictures! 100% LOL! I am now here at Dennis Hof’s world famous Kit Kat Ranch brothel appearing exclusively for your pleasure and to fulfill your fantasies as a professional courtesan. I love the way that sounds LOL! Because you know, as a young gal who is just being my usual sexy-self with everyone, it's kinda weird to be doing this as a job? Know what I mean? But I am loving' it to death! It sure doesn't feel like a job to me! LOL! The Kit Kat is a real house of sensual fun--so many pretty girls, so many places to have sex, so many sexual adventures to experience! I am a sweet, fun down-to-earth girl who has always loved people and everything that we can learn from one another! Which means I want to get to! I have a deep interest in psychology and what makes us who we are are--and who we are attracted to! It's a study of mine that is never-ending! I want you to go through all my pictures—Check me out! Do you like what you see? I hope so! Boys have always come around me, wanting to fool around, and play--I know a lot of girls get annoyed with that, but sure not me! I love to flirt and tease the guys! I love them! I am a naturally very sexual person, and having sex is absolutely my number one favorite thing to do in the whole world! I am thinking about sex all the time! I am open to just about anything with you in the bedroom--everyone always tells me how open-minded I am! But I'm just being me! Every person I am with I want to make a XXX-memorable time for both of us! For real! I like to look sexy for you, I have so many different "looks!" Pick one you like best! Tell me and I will get all dolled up for you, it gets me hot knowing that I am preparing to thrill you! See how nice I am! LOL! We should really meet up ASAP! The Kit Kat is open 24-7, so you can just stop in anytime you feel like it, but to make sure I am ready and waiting for you, let's make a date so I can reserve our time together! First, I want to show you all around the place, inside and out this is really a marvelous place! We have VIP suites, speciality suites, outdoor hot tubs, a big swimming pool and all sorts of nooks and crannies that are fun to find! Our parlor is where we will meet, and it's just a few steps from there to the fantastic full bar—let's have a drink! So you really need to tell me how you want me! Don't worry about the time or about being shy--the more you tell me, the more I can please you! In my personal private bedroom we drop all pretense and inhibitions--would you like me to talk dirty to you? Give you a strip-tease and lap-dance? Model my skimpy panties for you?'s all up to you big fella! The more you want me, the more I will respond with unbridled lust! I am what they call a "GFE Party Specialist.” Apparently I have been this my whole adult life, but never knew it! LOL! It means I give you all my passion and desire, making you the only man left on earth, and I am horny for you and you only. Kissing, fondling, will be so excited, will we even make it to...fucking! We must! I love all the positions, but doggy-style really gets me good, I will look over my shoulder at you and blow you kisses while you bang me without mercy! More please! LOL! Oh god, I am closing my eyes, I can feel you in me now! Wow! See! That's how easily I get into it! How's that song go? "I know what boys like!" Well, I guess I do! I like being bad! And don't forget I am bi-sexual as well, we can easily turn our twosome into a threesome, foursome,or more! In fact my ultimate sexual fantasy is a wild orgy! Ha! Wouldn't that rock your world, being in the center of an all-girl orgy! Hey, this is the Kit Kat Ranch, anything is possible! Let's make a date then! All you need to do is drop me a note by clicking on the "CONTACT ME" button, that email will come right to me, and I will write you back--no robots or impersonators, just little ol' Pamela Love, a girl is always ready for the next fun thing! So let's do it!

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